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How to match European standard of candle products


If you export the candle to EU, must have some problems refused you, because they have many strict rules of the quality 

there have the standard request from EU market 

For candle safety, the European Union has set a series of standards. These standards cover fire safety, labeling requirements and safety requirements for soot release.

EN15493: Candles - Fire Safety Code

This standard focuses on fire safety. The purpose of this standard is to reduce the risk of fire burning in a room by evaluating the stability and burning performance of candles. The safety requirements cover the following:

1. Stability: Candles should not be overturned when placed on a 10 degree incline;

2. Secondary ignition: no secondary ignition occurs for more than 10 seconds;

3. The height of the flame (tea lantern candle 30 mm, other ≦ 75 mm);

4. Self-extinguishing performance at the end of the combustion process: the container should not be damaged after the candle has extinguished;

5. Extinguish and re-ignite phenomenon: After extinguishing, there should be no more than 20 seconds of luminescence or smoke emission, and spontaneous combustion should not occur.

EN15494: Candles - Product Safety Labels and Warnings

This standard is intended to enhance the vigilance of people using candles through appropriate warnings to ensure personal safety. The requirements for indoor candle security labels are divided into two points:

1. The safety information (safety label) shall be: a. in the form of a symbol or text; b. the label on the package or product (or leaflet available at the point of sale) shall be clearly visible and legible.

2. Product safety label design: General warning signs (recommended against yellow background), and attach safety information symbols.

3. Example of indoor candle safety tag:

EN15426: Candles - Soot Generation Requirements

This standard is intended to ensure that the amount of soot released during the combustion of indoor candles is maintained at an appropriate level by performing the soot formation performance requirements. This standard helps to ensure the personal safety of the normal use of candles in order to improve the safety of the human body, such as health. This provision covers single-core candle products up to 100 mm in diameter or equivalent cross-section. Soot generation performance is defined by the soot index (Si). The requirements are as follows: a. Average Si (average of 3 test samples) < 1.0/hr; b. Individual test samples should not exceed 2.0/hr. Method for determining the soot index: A special glass piece is placed in the wire mesh cylinder body to collect the soot produced during the burning of the candle for a certain period of time. The soot index can be determined by comparing the illuminance between a glass plate filled with soot and a clean glass plate. Finally, the average hourly soot generation is determined by candle burning time.

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